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Tie Dye Clothing - Unique Jackets, Shirts, Pants, Tanks, Scarves, and more.

Totally risk-free with our 30-day money back guarantee.

Discover our one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories. This is not your standard tie dye with a big spiral on your chest - here you find art - art you will love to wear. Unique tie dye that compliments you and your own uniqueness. And this in combination with the most caressing soft cotton and silky rayon.

When you wear our mudmee tie dye we can practically guarantee admiration, so go ahead and put some happy clothing into the basket...

... and remember, your purchase here also helps children around the world getting a better start. Before the holidays we did something new to get some of the holiday spirit out to our foster children as well - we gave away a free hairband if you made a donation to our children - any donation, even a penny!

We were amazed by the generosity of some of you. We even got a few donations that were much more than the hair band would have been. So, we actually decided not to be left behind and matched all donations with an equal amount and we could sent off a check to PlanUSA shortly after Christmas- thanks again to all of you who helped!

Your outflow of generosity convinced us that we should not take off the option to add a donation to your order, but we wanted to come up with something else than the free hairband. Here is how we do it from now on, and that will be a permanent installation on our web site: Make any donation on checkout and we will enter your name into a raffle. When we reach $200 in donations we will draw on of the names randomly and get in touch with you. You then select one item and we send it to you for nothing, nada, zilsh.

After all that talk - now look around and find some nice clothing or accessories for yourself or a loved one.

Our Fashion Advisor Sarah for mudmee tie dyeSarah's corner:

A while back a customer wrote us and thanked us for our beautiful clothes and how it helped her ease hard times she had fallen onto.

That made us realize how important it can be how we look at the world and how we can change our mind by changing how we present ourselves to the world.

You know the old grouch and how he looks - grey, hunched and with contempt for everything around him burned into the lines of his face. If you sometimes feell like that, what can you do to dig yourself out of that hole?

First thing would be to lift up your head and straighen your shoulders, then a look into the mirror and picture what you would want to see to make you feel better - or even good!

Getting rid of that grey would definitely be helpful, right? Even if it might feel wrong initially to wear something happy when you feel down, it does help!

The principle at work here is 'fake it until you make it.' You have to take just a little step to get yourself out of your 'feeling down' and handle the situation - a tiny, little bit - from the outside.

You can, so to speak, bootstrap yourself out of any negativity and into a feeling of .... YEAH!!

Here is what some of our customers said...
(I have to admit, that, in the past, when I read testimonials on web sites, I was totally convinced that they were all fake and written by the publisher. Not any more, as all these notes below are unedited real emails we got. We removed individually identifying information only. So, thank you all for sending these great emails - - and keep them coming - we love them!)

Thaidye Feedback: 5

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the v-neck t-shirt I ordered. It is a beautiful piece of artwork! Super fast shipping, thank you so much.


Thaidye Feedback: 5


I visited your stand at the Encinitas street fair yesterday (04/28/13) and was amazed by your tie dye. I just wanted to express how beautiful I thought it was. The women running the stand were so friendly as well. I didn't have enough cash on me to buy a sarong but I took a card so that I could purchase one online. I think your company is great!


Thaidye Feedback: 5

HI Merlin,

I just wanted to say thank you! After I ordered the wrong shirts you guys were so accomodating and did everything in your power to ensure I recieved the shirts I really wanted. Additonally, you made sure I had them well before I went on vacation!

It is so great to work with a company who seems to actually CARE about thier customers. You guys are awesome and I love the shirts!


Thaidye Feedback: 5


Just got my thermal henley today, and I wanted you to know I LOOOOOVE it!
I can't believe how soft it is, and the colors are great! Thanks so much,
and I'll be back to shop again soon!

Kathy - Henderson, NV

Thaidye Feedback: 5

Hi Gigi and Merlin,

I received my order today and you guys, by far, have the BEST tye dye EVER!!!

I first learned about you guys a few years ago at a street fair in Redondo Beach (I think that's where it was) and I have been a fan since! You guys have the highest quality clothes and best and most unique tye dye I have ever seen!

Also, the turnaround time on my order was incredible! I only purchased these items 3 days ago and already received them!

You guys really are the best and I plan to purchase a lot more items from you guys!

Just wanted you to know what a fan me and my family are!

Thanks again!!!!


Thaidye Feedback: 4.5


I was letting you know my order arrived the day you told me it would! :) I was wondering if the colors would be as vibrant and as pretty as they are on the website and I just want you to know I am a VERY satisfied customer! They fit perfect and are exactly what I was looking for and wanting. You're customer service was just as outstanding as your products. You definitely have a customer for life! I look forward to future business with you. Thank you for the business cards!!!


Thaidye Feedback: 5

I love my new skirt!!! I know I will get lots of compliments every time I wear it!!! Thank you so much... I look forward to future purchases!

Jill L.

Thaidye Feedback: 4.5

To the ThaiDye Family,

I purchased a Wrap skirt a couple weeks ago and I received it VERY quickly. I would like all of you to know that when I opened the package, it was even more beautiful than it was online!! I wore it that very next day to work. (I work at a nasty corporation that has a strict dress code, aka, no fun clothes) Everyone all day was complimenting my skirt and I sent them all to your site!! I had the skirt on for not even an hour and was telling my boyfriend how this is my new favorite item of clothing I’ve ever had! I love the fabric, the feel, the color, the fit. I love everything about it! I am going to be buying a lot from you guys. LOL! I tie-dye myself, but it is no where near the talent level you all are at!! I was also wondering if you make the Harem Pants in Male sizes. Please let me know. I appreciate your prompt and very courteous service!!
Thank you and have a Great Day,


Thaidye Feedback: 5

It is not that we get it right all the time, even though I have to say, mostly we do. But if we don't we certainly see that we make it as right as we can. And we sure like when you appreciate our efforts. Thomas was so nice to tell us the following after the items we shipped where not the right size and we made an exchange:

Gigi and Merlin,

You and your company have very nice clothing... and you did everything you said you would... you responded on the PHONE... and followed up with e-mail.... how nice... my refund was there... just like you said it would be... thank you very much... I'm here to report a very happy customer... and will do more business with you and your company... Ya did it all... and quite well... thank-you... Merry Christmas, Happy holidays to all..


Thomas, Dixon, Ca.

Thaidye Feedback: 5


I DID receive my beautiful Thai Dye crinkle shirt and hoodie in time to wear to see Hair. They are EXQUISITE!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making allowances for me to make sure I received them in time.

We had a marvelous time and took pictures for you - which I will send as soon as I can. I also want to write a few kind words extolling the art and craftsmanship and beauty of my new wonderful things! (As soon as I figure out how to blog to you.) I must tell you, I am a huge connoisseur of tye dye - I have a large tye dye wardrobe - and these are the most beautiful and well made. I am thrilled with them!

Thank you again. Merlin. You'll be hearing from me soon.


Thaidye Feedback: 5

merlin and folks,

just received the hoodie i ordered, and it's even more beautiful and groovy in person than in the pictures. can't wait to wear it when it starts getting cooler. and yes, i'm positive i will be asked where i got it. i'll be more than happy to share your website and company with all interested folks.

will be ordering more from you soon...



Thaidye Feedback: 4

Cornelia was the first to order one of our new tie-strap bags and we were eager to find out what you, out there in the world, thought about them. So, blunt as we are, just asked her what she thought - - - and we liked what she said ;-)

thank you very much again for the super fast shipping & handling!

Wow, I'm the first one to get a tie-strap-bag? :-)

Ok, since you were asking, here my feedback:

a) Awesome, I love it!
b) Colors & patterns are just beautiful, and even more so in person.
c) The bag seems very comfortable to wear.
d) It can hold a lot without looking "odd & overstuffed".
e) The zipper compartment has just the right size.
f) Casual & cool enough for the beach etc., but I wouldn't hesitate either to take the bag out for a nice dinner or to office/work :-)

Cool! - Thanks, Cornelia

Thaidye Feedback: 4

Bruce wrote us:

Please carry more MEN's clothes! I saw your booth at the Fourth Ave. street fair in Tucson and soooo wanted to buy something. T-shirts, Henleys, and especially, Long-sleeved T-shirt. You stuff is SO beautiful and worth paying a bit more for so much more beauty.


All you guys out there - take this to heart and demand more stuff for men!

Thaidye Feedback: 4

Hi Merlin,

Just wanted to tell you that my scarves arrived today, and they are truly beautiful! They were packaged very carefully, and arrived earlier than I expected! I will definitely be back for more of your wearable art!

Thanks, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Thaidye Feedback: 4.5

Sherrill included a tip with her comments for all of you who got on of our crinkled items:

Merlin! I love your stuff, dude! Just wanted you to know that I bought a crinkle blouse which I get raves over every time I wear it, and a tie dye thermal henley... which i love but have not worn yet... because... and I don't know if you can do this or not... I bought it for my daughter and its too small and she wants something darker... and this one is bright bright! I love it, but its too much for her. I am willing to pay shipping to return it to exchange it for a medium, which I will even let you pick out for me. I'll give you what I'm looking for and you can pull it for me.. but only if yo uare ok with this. Its been over a month since I purchased the henley so if you have to say NO... lol... thats ok. I'm cool with it. Just never hurts to ask.

However, I have sent 3 of my friends to your site and they all purchased.. not saying... I'm just.. sayin'... lol... so its up to you. Thank you, thank you for your so cool clothing. I tell all my friends about your goods, because they are just that.. goods!!

By the way, just a hint.. I like my shirts really crinkly, and I want the crinkles to stay a long time, so when the shirt is damp, I give it a light spray all over with a spray starch, then I roll it and toss it in the dryer for a bit, take it out and reroll it the other way so stuff that was on the inside is now on the outside, then I let it hang until its dry. The crinkles look super-sharp and they stay until the next washing, which is what I want. Just thought I"d share.

Thanks a bunch!

And, yes, we were certainly OK with exchanging the shirt - what's the point in having a shirt that you don't wear, right?

Thaidye Feedback: 5

Jesse got a hoodie from us and reported back:

I just received my jacket and it's INCREDIBLE!!! Best jacket I've EVER had by far (both looks and quality). Thanks so much; only took two days to get here!! You guys ROCK, AND YOU KNOW, YOU ROLL AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we asked if we could quote him on our web site and he replied:

Absolutely!! Throw it on there!! And I will definitely buy from you guys again. Thanks again!

Thaidye Feedback: 4

Melody wrote us:

Just checking in to see if you plan on adding more henleys and thermal shirts before Christmas. Thanks for your time.

I am wearing the hoodie that I bought in Genoa and everyone notices. Love it! Happy Holidays.

...and yes, we added more of those items ;-)

Thaidye Feedback: 5

Hi Merlin & Gigi,

I received my order yesterday and I LOVE my new thermal shirt and hoodie!! I am very pleased with the high quality of materials and the colors are so vibrant...the design on each is so unique! I am also happy that they fit perfectly...I am a size 4 but ordered both items in a medium and they are just right...the jacket has enough room to wear another item under it without being tight. The thermal shirt fits as if it was measured for me!!

I am sure all my friends will want to know where I got these great clothes & I will be sure to tell them!! I will continue to visit your website for future purchases & thanks again...when the weather turns cool in Ohio, these two things will be staples in my wardrobe!!

Best regards,
Tammie S., OH

I asked Tammie if I could quote her on our website and she answered...

Hi Merlin,

Yes, you may quote me on your website!! Thanks for asking and I'm happy to let customers know what high quality and great customer service you provide. I am not a "teen girl" at all, but I love the fact that your clothes are fun and so original. It is good to know that women can still find a great place to get "cool" jaw-dropping designs at such a great price!!

Looking forward to doing more "Thai-Dye" shopping in the future!

Best Regards,
Tammie S.

Thaidye Feedback: 4


I just wanted to let you know I received my order Sat. I was really blown away with the quality of the budda bag and the skirt! They are lovely! The shipping was so fast to!

Thank you again for all the friendly info with ordering and fast replys! I am sure to order again!

Love it! Kim

Thaidye Feedback: 4

Thank you. I just recieved my package. The tank and headband are so beautiful. The photos don't do your products justice. So excited to be wearing such gorgeous works of art!

Kathy (Sacramento)

Thaidye Feedback: 4

A few days after we shipped out a package to Laura in Pennsylvania - we heard back from her:

Dear Merlin,

My package arrived already--so quickly!  That dress is absolutely adorable.  I am sorely tempted to order another!  Thank you for the lovely merchandise and prompt service!

Laura S. (just ordered junior Just Zen dress and two headbands)

Obviously we like comments like that and asked if we could publish this comment on our web site and Laura told us

Of course! I ordered two headbands in order to give one to my sister, but now I'm now so sure I can part with either one! - Laura


see more comments on our testimonials page...


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...when you saw us at an art and craft show you might have noticed our cool hair bands, but they were never for sale on the website. We had them as Christmas presents for a while, but now you can actually get them here, as many as you like

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